Grace Culley
Surprised face; Heart eyes

Edition of 300
148 x 210mm
44 pages

Co-published with West Space

Contributors: Grace Culley, Sebastian Henry-Jones, Harriet Morgan
Design: Alex Ward
Publication Coordinator: Brigid Moriarty
Copy editor: Sarah Gory

Surprised face; Heart eyes is a publication released to accompany Grace Culley's exhibition at West Space, Naarm/Melbourne, in March 2023. Taking shape as a series of labour-intensive drawings and assemblages, the exhibition explores the effects of dopamine–the surprise reward chemical–on social thresholds and degrees of behavioural control. The artworks use architectural and more-than-human motifs to highlight the patterns of similarities and differences in dopamine-driven experiences, with a focus on the behaviours that are particularly challenging to control.

The publication centres on Culley’s research within dopamine-diverse communities and unique studio methodology, informed in part by her own dopaminergic worldview and experience with Tourette’s Syndrome. It brings together preparatory drawings, reference materials, and conversation transcripts, offering an insight into the creative process behind Surprised face; Heart eyes.

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